Leader in the field of Internet-related technologies, Oricom Internet inc. exclusively presents its all new wireless Internet access point system, which does not need any network configuration. It is called the Orion system and is state-of-the art for its simplicity of operation and great performance.

ORION is a new wireless Internet connection service. Its users benefit from an Internet connection in highly crowded places or limited spaces (cafés, restaurants, airports, shopping centres, etc.).

ORION = Internet Access Without Configuration!

Simply turn on your computer and Internet is there.

- No network configuration
- No software
- No technical support

+ SMTP Server Redirection
Your e-mail will be functional without any reconfiguration. The ORION service will automatically send your e-mails in Oricom’s SMTP mail server, no matter how your current mail program is configured.

Back home or at the office, your Internet configuration will still be functional. No software is needed and nobody will have modified your network settings.

The ORION access suits every existing network configuration, including DHCP, DNS, proxy, dynamic IP and static IP. Users simply open their Internet browsers and the network connection is recognized. No need to modify their network configuration to adapt to the network. Orion adapts itself to the users. Back home or back at the office, the computer will run just as usual.

ORION access points will allow me to stay in contact with my office and take my e-mails. All I have to do is turn on my laptop to have direct access to Internet and my company’s Intranet. And all this is wireless!”

Guy Dupuis, sales representative.

Any PDA, PALM or laptop equipped with a wireless network card can be connected to ORION.

There are various implementation sites. There is no technical limitation slowing down the diversity of the geographical selection.

Every access point is marked with a “Zone ORION” sticker. Users can access Internet with a laptop within a hundred metres from the transmitter.

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